Taipei Zoo and Maokong Gondola Combo

Enjoy a scenic view on the Maokong Gondola en route to Taipei Zoo, where you can meet adorable animals such as pandas, koalas and penguins

Taipei Zoo is one of the top ten city zoos in the world. With more than 400 animal species in the park, it is the largest zoo in Southeast Asia. Come see animals you would never encounter in your daily lives here! The Taipei zoo is home to rare and precious species such as the Blue Pheasant, Sika Deer, Formosan Black Bear. There are also adorable animals such as pandas, koalas and penguins which are popular among the public. Gain a better understand of the living environment and habits of different animals and learn more about ongoing conservation efforts and research.

The Maokong Gondola provides a scenic route to the Taipei Zoo. With a total length of 4.03 kilometers, the Maokong Gondola is the first gondola in Taipei City. It takes about 30 minutes for a one-way ride. The three most beautiful moments to take the gondola are after rain, when the sun is setting, and when the lights of the city are shining at night. As the gondola passes over the undulating terrain, you can glimpse moving MRT trains, the park along the Jingmei River, and the "giraffe" incinerator. When you reach the second stop, the gondola takes a big turn, and you will enjoy a panoramic view of the landscape, including vehicles moving on the freeway below. After passing the Zhinan Temple Station, you will enter a steep V-shaped gully. This is the climax of the gondola ride, leaving you an unforgettable experience.


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Operating Hours

Maokong Gondola

  • Tuesdays to Thursday: 9 am – 9 pm
  • Fridays and day before national holidays: 9 am – 10 pm
  • Saturdays and the national holidays: 8.30 am – 10 pm 
  • Sundays and the last day of the national holidays: 8.30 am – 9 pm
  • Closed every Monday except the first Monday of the month from 9 am – 9 pm 

Taipei Zoo:

  • Park Trail: 9 am – 5 pm
  • Animal Area: 9 am – 4.30 pm 
  • Taipei Zoo is closed on Lunar New Year’s Eve and late June. Please check the official website for updates
  • Last entry: 4 pm 

What You Get

Taipei Zoo and Maokong Gondola Combo

  • Adult/Child


  • Entry to Taipei Zoo
  • Maokong Gondola tickets


  • Personal expenses
  • Dinner/ Lunch
Additional Information
  • Each included product can only be used once
  • E-voucher is open dated
  • After the e-voucher is redeemed for one ticket, the other included ticket must be redeemed and used within 7 days. For example, if the ticket for Maokong Gondola is used on 1st February, the ticket for Taipei Zoo must be used by 7th February
Maokong Gondola
  • In the event of the following, the Gondola will suspend service temporarily and will resume service after assessing locale conditions:
    • Wind gusts reach 16 m/sec (about Force 7) and continue for over 3 seconds; or when wind gusts exceed over 18 m/sec (about Force 8)
    • When there is a lightning strike in any section of the route. The system will resume service if no more lightning strikes are experienced for 30 minutes
    • In the event of an earthquake exceeding Scale 4
    • During land warnings for typhoon (if warning includes Taipei), depending on actual weather conditions and whether school and work has been.
  • You may confirm the operational status on the official website
  • Passengers suffering from cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, acrophobia or other medical conditions should not ride the gondola.
  • Please queue as instructed by station staff. Do not loiter on the platform after disembarking
  • Each regular cabin can accommodate 8 passengers, not exceeding a total of 640 kg. The crystal "Eyes of Maokong Gondola" cabins can accommodate 5 passengers not exceeding a total of 400 kg. Please distribute yourselves evenly within the cabin
  • You must alight when the Gondola reaches a terminal station (Taipei Zoo or Maokong Station). If you wish to continue riding the Gondola, you must purchase a new ticket
  • Give priority to elderly, encumbered and disabled passengers
  • Do not interfere with the natural swaying of the gondola cabin when embarking or disembarking
  • Please do not stand, swing or jump in the gondola cabin
  • Senior citizens, young children and other passengers requiring accompaniment should only ride the Gondola when accompanied by at least one person
  • Passengers with prams, pushchairs, wheelchairs or electrical wheelchairs must make sure that these vehicles are securely locked immobile when in the cabins to avoid accidents caused by swaying. The size of the vehicles may not exceed 140cm x 70cm x 170cm.
  • Passengers with prams, wheelchairs or electrical wheelchairs must follow staff instructions when exiting the cabins
  • The gondola may slow down or stop to facilitate boarding for disabled/wheelchair passengers
  • Smoking, drinking (water excluded), chewing gum or betel nut is not permitted at any time. Do not throw anything out of the windows
  • Please do not lean against or obstruct the doors
  • Infringement of the law, public order or proper social conduct will be handled according to relevant laws and regulations
Taipei Zoo
  • The whole zoo is non-smoking. Offender can be fined up to NT$10,000
  • Pets and inflatable balloons are prohibited in the zoo
  • Bicycles, toddler tricycles, skateboards and in-line skates are prohibited in the zoo
  • It is prohibited to cross the railings and enter the animal areas
  • It is prohibited to enter the work areas and the tourist bus lanes
  • Do not feed the animals
  • No food in each indoor display area
  • Do not feed the animals, harm the animal rights and hinder animal conservation
  • Do not conduct behaviours that affect the interests of other visitors and the quality of the zoo
  • Taipei Zoo is an environment that combines natural landscapes and habitat for many wildlife animals and insects. It is recommended to wear breathable clothing such as long sleeves and trousers
  • It is recommended to wear casual shoes that are easy to walk. If prevention of sun exposure and mosquito bites is needed, please bring your own sunscreen and mosquito-proof products
  • Flashlight is prohibited in the indoor display areas such as the Panda House (Xinguang Special Exhibit House), Koala House, Amphibian and Reptile House, and the Conservation Corridor
How to use
After making your booking, you will receive a second email within 48 hours with your e-voucher
Maokong Gondola:
  • Present the QR code on your e-voucher to the ticketing staff at the following counters:
    • Maokong Gondola Taipei Zoo Station ticketing office (1st and 4th floor)
    • Maokong Gondola Taipei Zoo South Station
  • Scan the code to redeem your physical tickets. Each ticket should entitle you to two trips
Taipei Zoo:
  • You may enter from the main/front entrance or from the south entrance via the Maokong Gondola
  • Main entrance:
    • Head to the Group Ticketing Kiosk to scan your digital QR code at the ticketing machine. You will receive paper tickets.
  • South entrance:
    • Scan your digital QR code at the ticketing machine at the information desk to redeem paper tickets
  • Hand your paper tickets to the ticketing staff for entry

Terms and Conditions

  • Changi Recommends and the appointed operator will not be responsible for any accidents, loss of property or damaged caused by individual negligence
  • The e-ticket/e-voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or used on more than one occasion
  • Any alteration(s) on the e-ticket/e-voucher will not be accepted by Changi Recommends and the appointed merchant
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances that affects tour departure or ticket/voucher invalidity, customers will be notified and be advised accordingly

Cancellation Policy:

  • No refunds will be entertained for cancellations
  • There will be no refunds even if included items are not utilised by the visitor
  • In the event of late comers/no show, it would be considered as cancellation and no refund will be given

Upon purchase of the ticket, you will receive an email confirmation with e-ticket/e-voucher. Tours and tickets are subjected to availability and are not confirmed until a second confirmation email is received.

How to Get There

Address: No. 30, Sec.2, Xinguang Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 11656, Taiwan, R.O.C.

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