2D1N Templestay At Jeondeungsa Temple

Embark on a spiritual journey and find your inner peace at Jeondeungsa Temple.

Are you feeling drained from the constant hustle and bustle of modern life? Let go of your burdens and rejuvenate your body and mind at Jeondeungsa Temple, a serene temple tucked away on the beautiful Island of Ganghwa. On this temple stay program, you will experience the daily monastic life of Korean Buddhist monks and take part in traditional Buddhist ceremonies such as Seon meditation and bell striking at dawn. Clear your mind and achieve a Zen state of mind through this one-of-a-kind experience!


About the programs: 

  1. Balwoo gongyang (monastic meal):Balwoo are bowls containing a moderate amount of rice and vegetables. Balwoo gongyang is a traditional way of eating a meal for Buddhist monks. It involves the spirit of Equality, Cleanliness, and Thrift because everybody shares the same food equally, the food is cooked in a clean environment, and there is no waste. 
  2. Cham-Seon (Seon meditation):Seon meditation is to cut off all thoughts. Through Cham-Seon, you can learn mindfulness and concentration.
  3. Ulyeok (communal work):Ulyeok means working together. Everyone in the temple stops what they are doing to lend a hand. One rule of the temple is a day without work is a day without food'. In the self-sufficient life in a remote Buddhist temple, this is an axiom of practicality. 
  4. Yebool:Yebool is a ceremony of paying respect to the Sakyamuni Buddha, Bodhisattvas, and all his disciples. It affords a chance for self-reflection of practice.
  5. 108 Prostrations:The practice of lowering oneself by bowing. Bowing shows respect for others and humbles the mind while purifying one of defilement and worldly sufferings.
  6. Doryangseok (dawn bell chant):Doryangseok is a chanting ceremony held in the early morning to purify and awaken the temple compound. It is performed to the sounding of the bell.


2 Working Days
Voucher Type
Present Voucher For Direct Entry
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Operating Hours

Day 1 

13:00 Registration & Room Assignment 

14:00 Free time 

15:00 Learn the basic temple etiquette

15:30 Ice-Breaking & Temple Tour

17:00 Balwoo gongyang (monastic meal) 

18:00 Yebool (Buddhist Ceremony) 

18:30-19:00 108 Prostrations

19:10-19:40 Cham-Seon (Seon Meditation) 

19:50-20:30 Make Prayer beads

21:30 Go to bed

Day 2

04:00 Doryangseok (Dawn bell chant) 

04:30 Yebool 

05:00-05:30 Cham-Seon

06:00-07:00 Breakfast

07:30 Ulyeok (Communal work) 

08:00 Walking Meditation 

09:00-09:20 Cleaning Room 

09:30-10:30 Tea time with a monk 

11:30-12:00 Lunch & Closing

What You Get


  • 2D1N Temple Stay Program
  • Uniform( Vest & Pants) 
  • Meals
  • Personal Expense
  • Insurance
What to Bring: 
  • Personal toiletries
  • Extra Clothes
  • Sleepwear
  • Water bottle 
Things to take note; 
Sleeveless shirts, shorts and flip-flops are not allowed in the temple
Gang Seol Dang Room 
  • Basic Capacity: 2-3 people 
  • Bed type: Traditional Korean Style Foldable Mattress
  • Heating & Air Conditioning 
  • Private Bathroom 

Terms and Conditions

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Cancellation Policy:

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How to Get There

Jeondeungsa Temple in Ganghwa Island, Incheon

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