Mt Fuji Free Pass

For those who come to Japan, you can use the ticket to travel in the Mt. Fuji area at a more favorable price.

For those who come to Japan, you can use the ticket to travel in the Mt. Fuji area at a more favorable price. You can use the "Mt. Fuji FREE PASS" to take the route of Yamanashi, Shizuoka Mt. Fuji and the Fujikyu Line. In addition, the admission ticket for the sightseeing facilities such as the "ENSOLEILLE" and "Fujikyuji" of the Kawaguchiko tour boat is also a special combination, which is very cost-effective!






48 Hours
Full Day
Voucher Type
Present Voucher At Japan Counters
No amendments allowed
No refunds allowed

What You Get

Mt Fuji 1 or 2 days pass


12 years old and above


6 to 11 years old

Free transportation for 6 years and below


This ticket is valid for 180 days from the scheduled date. It cannot be redeemed in advance or beyond the effective date.



Route covers the following locations:   


1). Tram:

Fujikyu Line (Kawaguchiko Station - Otsuki Station)

2). Bus:

  • Kawaguchi Lake Tour Bus (Red Line) West Lake Week Tour Bus (Green Line)

  • Mingze. Jingjin Lake. Benxi Lake Cruise Bus (Blue Line), each section of Fuji Lake

  • Kofu Station ~ Shihe Onsen - Kawaguchiko Station - Fujiyama Station

  • Mishima Station ~ Gotemba Station

  • Gotemba Premium OUTLETS ~ Gotemba Station ~ Yamanaka Lake - Kawaguchiko Station

  • New Fuji Station ~ Benxi Lake ~ Jingjin Lake ~ Kawaguchiko Station - Fujiyama Station

  • Gotemba IC ~ Gotemba Station - GRINPA ~ YETI

  • Fujiyama Station ~ Fuji SUBARU LINE five-item

  • Mishima Station - Fujinomiya 5-compartment

  • Gotemba Premium OUTLETS / Gotemba Station ~ Goten baguchi New Five-item - Minamata Park

  • Gotemba Premium OUTLETS / Gotemba Station - Must Go

3). Ship + ropeway:

  • Kawaguchi Lake Tour Boat [ENSOLEILLE]

  • Mountain Lake Tour Boat [White Bird Lake]

  • Benhu Lake Tour Boat [MOGRUN]

  • Kawaguchiko Tianshangshan Park Kachikachi Mountain Cable Car

4 ). Sightseeing facilities:

Fujikyu Paradise, GRINPA Amusement Park, Fuyue Wind Cave, Mingze Ice Cave, Mount Fuji Art Museum

5). Free seats for regular trains and fast trains:

When you take the Fujiyama VIEW Express, the FUJISAN Express Express train, the Fuji Mountain Bike, and the designated ticket compartment, you will need to pay extra fees on site, such as express coupons, seat coupons, and designated tickets.

6). You can play one of the rides in Fujikyu Paradise.


7). You can enter GRINPA Amusement Park for free but On-site rides require an additional fee on site.

How To Buy

1. Purchase online

2. Receive an email confirmation with the QR Code from Changi Recommends.

3. Present the QR code in exchange for physical tickets at your preferred counter in Japan as shown below.


① Fujikyuko Line Otsuki station

Business Hours: 6: 00-23: 10

2. Fuji Express Line Kawaguchiko Station Service Counter

Business Hours: 6:00-22:20

③ JR Mishima Fujikyu bus south exit window

Business Hours: 7: 00-18: 10

④ JR Gotemba Station Fujikyu bus window

Business Hours: 7: 30-18: 30



Terms and Conditions

  • Please present the e-voucher to collect physical tickets from the designated Japan counters.

  • This ticket is valid for 180 days from the scheduled date. 

  • 2 day coupon needs to be used continuously, can not be used intermittently

  • The valid QR code can only be redeemed once and cannot be redeemed.

  • Changi Recommends and the merchant will not be responsible for any accidents, loss of property or damages caused by individual’s negligence.

  • Changi Recommends will not be responsible for any loss of tickets caused by the individual’s negligence.

  • The e-ticket cannot be exchanged for cash and used on more than one occasion.

  • The value of the e-ticket/e-voucher is in Singapore dollars.

  • Any alteration(s) on the e-ticket/e-voucher will not be accepted by Changi Recommends and the appointed merchant.

  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances that affects tour departure or ticket/voucher invalidity, customers will be notified and be advised accordingly

Cancellation Policy:

  • No refunds will be entertained for cancellations
  • There will be no refunds even if included items are not utilised by the visitor
  • In the event of late comers/no show, it would be considered as cancellation and no refund will be given

Upon purchase of the ticket, you will receive an email confirmation with e-ticket/e-voucher. Tours and tickets are subjected to availability and are not confirmed until a second confirmation email is received.

Item Price (SGD) Quantity
1 Day Adult Pass
Ages 12 years and above
1 Day Child Pass
Ages 6 to 11 years
2 Days Adult Pass
Ages 12 years and above
2 Days Child Pass
Ages 6 to 11 years

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