Kerama Islands Whale Watching Tour

Marvel and learn about the magnificent humpback whales on a whale watching tour by Kerama Islands! Heading into the pristine waters of Kerama Islands’ seas, watch the entertaining whales as they swim and play with their offspring.

Humpback whales are a distinct species among the whale family, with their own fascinating lifestyle. During the spring and summer, these giant mammals stay in Alaska and feast on various fresh fish all throughout the two seasons. As summer shifts to autumn and the waters in Alaska start to get colder, they go on an incredible 9,000 km journey across the Pacific Ocean to the warm waters in the south of Japan. Staying there during autumn and winter, they give birth and raise calves in the tropical climate of Keramashoto National Park — located to the west of mainland Okinawa — fasting the entire time and living only off their accumulated fat reserves. As winter fades, they once again make the journey back to Alaska, this time with their calves, and thus continue their cycle of life. Witness first-hand the incredible lives of these humpback whales with this special tour in Keramashoto National Park!

Kerama Islands is a collection of tropical islands located within the National Park and considered a mecca for whale watching. Its pristine, crystal clear waters are some of the clearest in the world, supporting a rich marine ecosystem that includes some endangered species. Begin your tour on the white sandy beaches of one of Kerama’s largest islands, Zamami Island, where a specialized English-speaking guide will give you a briefing about the whales and the boat you will board. Once aboard the boat and its observation deck, you will be taken deep into Zamami’s waters.

The deck crew will scan the surrounding seas, and as soon as any whales are spotted, everyone will immediately be informed as the boat heads there directly. The sight of these massive mammals — their lengths ranging from 39–52 feet, or about the size of a school bus — is simply breathtaking. Watch these beautiful creatures up-close to get a feel of their magnificent size and power. Compared to other whale species, humpback whales are quite playful with each other and communicate in a dramatic way that makes for a wonderful spectacle. Watch them breach the sea’s surface and blow water from their spouts — reaching heights up to 5 meters — as well as perform other distinctive behaviors such as slapping their tails and making high pitched noises. The humpback whales are known for their complex and melodic songs, often going on for hours at a time, which are theorized to be used to attract potential mates.

On this tour, you will not only be able to marvel at these creatures up-close, but you will have the chance to learn about their unique characters and behaviors. Humpback whales are majestic animals that will leave you in awe, but perhaps more importantly, they will humble everyone who observes them and remind them of how they too are part of earth’s nature.


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What You Get

Kerama Islands Whale Watching Tour

Adult: 13 years old and above

Child: 6 to 12 years old


  • Boat trip
  • Whale watching activity
  • Transport
  • Personal expenses
Additional information:
  • The tour will depart from Zamami Island (not from Okinawa mainland)
  • Your hand luggage will be taken care of free of charge at the reception desk of The Whale Watching Association at the terminal building of Zamami Port
  • In case of bad weather and sea conditions, the tour may be canceled or the departure time changed. Participants will be informed on the morning of the tour
  • Please reconfirm if the tour is on schedule in the morning of the tour date. Please do so by phone or email from 8:10am
  • Depending on sea conditions, children aged 0–6 may not be allowed onboard
  • For safety reasons, pregnant women are not allowed onboard
  • When on the boat, please follow instructions from the captain and deck crew
  • Due to splashes from waves, electronic devices may get wet. Please take care of them, as the tour staff will not be held responsible for any damaged devices
  • Itis recommended that you bring a rain coat, shoes with grippy soles, hand towel, warm clothes and seasickness medication if needed. 
  • Please note that while the staff will do their best to find whales, it is not guaranteed that there will be sightings.
Tour timings:

Dec 27–Feb 28 and March 26–April 5
Morning Tour
  • 10:00 Meet at Zamami Port for check-in and instruction
  • 10:30 Depart
  • 12:30 Return to the port
Afternoon Tour
  • 12:30 Meet at Zamami Port for check-in and instruction
  • 13:00 Depart
  • 15:00 Return to the port
March 1–25 (weekdays)
Morning Tour 1
  • 9:00 Meet at Zamami Port for check-in and instruction
  • 9:30 Depart
  • 11:30 Come back to the port
Morning Tour 2
  • 11:30 Meet at Zamami Port for check-in and instruction
  • 12:00 Depart
  • 14:00 Return to the port
Afternoon Tour
  • 14:00 Meet at Zamami Port for check-in and instruction
  • 14:30 Depart
  • 16:30 Return to the port
March 1–25 (weekends)
Morning Tour 1
  • 8:30 Meet at Zamami Port for check-in and instruction
  • 9:00 Depart
  • 11:00 Come back to the port
Morning Tour 2
  • 11:00 Meet at Zamami Port for check-in and instruction
  • 11:30 Depart
  • 13:30 Return to the port
Afternoon Tour
  • 13:30 Meet at Zamami Port for check-in and instruction
  • 14:00 Depart
  • 16:00 Return to the port

Terms and Conditions

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How to Get There

Meet up at Zamami Port, Zamami Island, Okinawa prefecture

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13 years old and above
6 to 12 years old

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