Kimono or Yukata Rental in Kyoto

Put on a kimono and stroll around Kyoto for a full enriching, cultural experience.

Kimonos worn on special occasions have gained popularity amongst tourists for its intricate details and workmanship that traces back to the historical traditions. Yumeyakata provides an extensive range of Kimonos for rent which includes the Obi belt, sandals and accessories. No matter the age or gender, join the unique experience when visiting Kyoto. Enjoy the sights and return the rented Kimono by 1830 hours.



2 Working Days
Full Day
Voucher Type
Present Voucher At Attraction's Ticket Office
No Amendments
No Refunds

Operating Hours


1000 - 1830 hours (GMT +9)

Last entry by 1700 hours (Time will change depending on the season)

Note: Yumeyukata is closed between Dec 31 and Jan 3 ( Kimonos rental to be returned by 1700 hours on Dec 30 


What You Get

Yukata Rentals (only available in early Jun - early Sep) includes:


Yukata, Obi-belt, Sandals, Money Pouch


Yukata, Obi-belt, Sandals, Pouch



Kimono Rentals includes:


Kimono, Obi-belt, Sandals, Money Pouch, Kimono Socks


Kimono, Obi-belt, Sandals, Pouch, Kimono Socks



Excludes: Accessories for Kimono (200yen and above), hair accessories (500yen and above)

*Accessories to be paid in Japan Yen on the day of rental.


Size Guide



Female Hairstyling (Optional)

Operating hours: 1000 - 1630 hours (GMT+9)

After dressing up beautifully, a nice hairdo will enhance the look and the whole experience. There are 8 options for Short and Long hair females to select:


Long Hair

*Hair accessories not included. Accessories to be paid in Japan Yen on the day of rental.

Long Style 1

Long Style 2

Long Style 3

Long Style 4

Long Style 5

Long Style 6

Long Style 7

Long Style 8



Short Hair

*Hair accessories not included. Accessories to be paid in Japan Yen on the day of rental.

Short Style 1

Short Style 2

Short Style 3

Short Style 4

Short Style 5

Short Style 6

Short Style 7

Short Style 8



Female Customised Hairstyling (Optional)

Operating hours: 1000 - 1630 hours (GMT+9)

Style your tresses to match the Kimono. You can bring along a photo of the preferred style and consult with the stylist.



Studio Photography (Optional)

A popular option among tourists: dress up and take a studio shot. Props are available for use such as Japanese swords or umbrellas.


The fee contains three digital photo, which will be sent via email to you. Additional photos are chargable at an additional cost. Group photo is available, additional charge per person for more than 5 people included in the photo. One Studio photography takes about 10 minutes.



 How To Buy

1. Select the preferred option, date and time, and purchase online

2. Receive an email including the e-ticket from Changi Recommends

3. Present the e-ticket for verification


Terms and Conditions

About the attraction:

  • This dressing takes about 70 minutes depending on the selection of your choice. Please be advised the duration depends on each person and the peak season.

    • 20 minutes - kimono selection,

    • 20 minutes - dressing,

    • 20 minutes - optional hairstyling,

    • 10 minutes - optional photography

  • Baggage service is available for 500 yen per luggage and payment be made at the rental place itself

  • It is optional to return kimono next day by 1700 hours (GMT +9), additional fee applies. Fee will be paid in Japan yen to Yumeyakata.

  • Please book tickets in advance to ensure reservation during peak season and public holidays.

  • A penalty fee will be charged for late turn up after 1830 hours (GMT +9). Fee will be paid in Japan yen to Yumeyakata.

  • There is an additional fee if there is any request for change of kimono or obi-belt.

  • Yumeyakata will be not fix hairstyles once the customer steps out of the shop.



About garment care:

Please handle the Kimono with extra care. Additional charges apply for any unwashable stains, damage, fragrance or lost.

  • [Smear] Ordinary smears such as food or soil stain will not incur any cleaning fee. Additional charge applies for unwashable stain as determined by Yumeyakata (e.g. oil stains, coffee stains etc).

  • [Damage] Irreparable damage such as cigarette burns, holes that are not along the sewed parts will be charged at 5,000 Yen.

  • [Fragrance] Customers are not encourage to wear any fragrance on the Kimono.  Cleaning fee at 5,000 yen is applicable to remove it.

  • [Lost] A lost fee will incur for the following items: Shawl - 500 Yen, Haori - 500 Yen, Accessory - 200 Yen, Zori - 1,000 Yen


Terms and Conditions:

  • Changi Recommends and the appointed operator will not be responsible for any accidents, loss of property or damaged caused by individual negligence
  • The e-ticket/e-voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or used on more than one occasion
  • Any alteration(s) on the e-ticket/e-voucher will not be accepted by Changi Recommends and the appointed merchant
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances that affects tour departure or ticket/voucher invalidity, customers will be notified and be advised accordingly

Cancellation Policy:

  • No refunds will be entertained for cancellations
  • There will be no refunds even if included items are not utilised by the visitor
  • In the event of late comers/no show, it would be considered as cancellation and no refund will be given

Upon purchase of the ticket, you will receive an email confirmation with e-ticket/e-voucher within two days. Tours and tickets are subjected to availability and are not confirmed until a second confirmation email is received.

How to Get There


128, Manjujicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Japan




  • From JR Kyoto Station,Gojo Station Exit 1: Head straight and walk 2 minutes after exiting from Exit 1 manned ticket gate.

  • From Keihan Train: Alight at Kiyomizu Gojo Station, get off at Exit 3 and walk west for 8 minutes.

  • From Hankyu Train: Alight at Karasuma Station, transfer to a subway train Karasuma Line bound for Kyoto, Takeda「京都駅、竹田行き」. Alight at the next stop Gojo Station「五条」, head to Exit 1 and walk straight for 2 minutes.



Item Price (SGD) Quantity
Kimono Rental
For anyone above 140cm
Long & Short 8 Hairstyles
Optional, Accessories not included
Customised Hairstyle
Optional, Accessories not included
Studio Photography
Accessories not included; 3 Digital Photo included, extra photo at additional cost
Return On The Following Day (before 17:00)
Per pax

Select Date

Present e-ticket at Yumeyakata for verification