Japanese cultural activity and kimono experience in Hiroshima

Experience a Japanese culture activity dressed in kimono! After that you can, while still wearing your kimono, stroll around 'Shukkeien Garden',which is chosen as one of the top of 100 historic gardens in Japan, or 'Hiroshima castle'

After coming to the store态change into your favorite kimono choosing from more than 100 types. The staff will help you get dressed. Therefter, engage in a Japanese cultural activity of your choice.

  • Tea ceremony experience A program where you will learn to make tea and have a little break. You will also experience the behaviors and manners in a Tatami mat room. 
  • Tosenkyo A game which is also called 'Japanese darts' where you will throw a fan which has to drop right on the table. Please enjoy 'Tosenkyo' which has been passed down since the Edo period ( 1603 ~ 1868) and is also a part of an elegant geisha show. 
  • Furoshiki The charms of the furoshiki and its various changes will be explained to you and you can experience different kinds of wrapping such as wrapping gifts or wrapping a bottle. Please take the furoshiki home with you as a souvenir. 
  • Origami Folded paper cranes which are used to pray for peace in various countries. Make folded paper cranes while learning about the culture and and try to make a decorative paper envelope with figured paper which has many colors and designs.

After the Japanese culture experience has ended, you can visit Shukkeien Garden while being dressed in a kimono. Shukkeien Garden was created 400 years ago in the time of the samurai and it's said that it contains in its landscape various scenes in shrunken form. You can deeply feel different scenes such as a tea house, a pond, a paddy field, mountains, a bamboo forest, a tea garden and a pergola. Even though the garden has received serious damage from the atomic bombing, it has now recovered. Please enjoy, dressed in kimono, the Japanese garden brimming with history. 

Alternatively, you can visit Hiroshima Castle by taking a guided taxi. Do note that you will have to pay for the taxi. Hiroshima castle is surrounded by a large moat where koi carps are swimming freely. Learn about the history of armor, helmets in other words the clothing of a samurai. From the top floor of the castle, you can see the beautiful scenery of Hiroshima as well as Miyajima island and the Atomic Bomb dome. Please return by 6pm to change out of thr Kimono.



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Duration: 3 hours

Timings: 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm

What You Get

Japanese Cultural Activity And Kimono Experience


  • Kimono rental
  • Kimono dressing
  • Japanese cultural experience
  • Sukkeien Garden admission fee
  • Personal expenses
Additional information:
  • The maximum kimono length and width available is 190cm and 150cm accordingly
  • In the summer, you will wear a Yukata instead of Kimono
  • Please return the Kimono before 6 pm. You may choose to end the experience earlier or right after the cultural activity. 

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Hiroshima Kimono Asobi Wanomanabiya

2F Sakata Bldg., 6-11,  Nobori-cho, Naka-ku,  Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima   

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