Traditional Japanese Food Making Experience

Try your hand at making traditional Japanese food like miso soup, onigiri and tofu

You can experience making Genmai onigiri (brown rice ball), Misomaru (instant miso soup ball), and  zaru tofu (tofu scooped up by a basket.)  Since its founded in 1914, Marukawa Miso has been aiming for brewing miso as naturally as possible.  We make safe miso by using natural koji (malted rice), organic raw materials, and water pumped up from the underground at 42 m depth and aging the materials in wooden barrels.  Experience making  Japanese slow food by using tofu, genmai, and safe miso which represent Japan's  healthy food.  

1. Reception / preparation

Please wash your hands and put on an apron and hat prepared for you to use. 

2. Making zaru tofu 

Tofu is a traditional foodstuff indispensable for Japanese cuisine made by adding bittern to soy milk. Tofu is rich in plant protein and is  popular among vegetarians in the world.  Zaru tofu is a kind of tofu whose curd is scooped by a basket and drained over it.  Please taste the soft and smooth texture of zaru tofu.

3. Making Genmai onigiri (Brown rice ball) 

Onigiri is a Japanese food made from steamed rice formed into triangular or spherical shape which contains various ingredients.  Since it is easy to carry, it has been used as a portable food for a long time.  Popular as a box lunch (Bento) menu like sandwiches, as you can easily eat with your hand. Let's make onigiri by mixing steamed genmai and natural salt, filling a pickled ume (plum) and wrapping in seaweed.  

4. Making Misomaru (Instant miso soup ball) 

Miso is a seasoning made by fermenting soybeans mixed with koji and salt.  Miso differs in raw materials used, color, and taste, depending on the region.  Miso has been popular as a staple ingredient in home cooking.  They say miso is good for lowering cholesterol and works for anti-aging.  Misomaru is made by mixing  wakame (seaweed), katsuobushi (dried bonito), green onion and more and shaped like a dumpling.  Just pour the hot water over Misomaru in a cup and you can enjoy tasty miso soup immediately.  It is specially convenient when you are busy. 

5. Tasting time 

Let's taste your tofu, genmai onigiri, and moso soup made with misomaru.  Appreciate the aroma and the deep flavor of miso.  As you chew the onigiri, a sweet flavor of genmai will spread in the mouth.  Enjoy the freshly made tofu too! 

6. Miso storehouse visit

You may find it interesting to observe the miso making process and listen to the story and explanation of the staff engaged in miso making.  Feeling the aroma of miso in the aging process, you are sure to feel more familiar with miso.


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Traditional Japanese Food Making Experience

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  • Experience fee
  • Apron
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  • Storehouse visit
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  • Depending on the day or time of the storehouse visit, the production line may not operate
  • The procedure of the cooking is guided using audio device.  (English, Chinese, Korean) 
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult

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Marukawa Miso

12-62, Sugisaki-cho, Echizen-shi, Fukui-ken 915-0006

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